No, I Didn’t Abandon It!

Site hasn’t been abandoned, Happy Page is still updating—well, except for on Mother’s Day, which I took off this year, but the update notices are only posting on Twitter/FB now—and I’m still both here and alive. I’ve just been WRITING.

Not just picking at things, actually writing something new. For the first time in more than a year. It’s at 173K and counting, and I’ve been at it for around 8 weeks now. It’s nowhere near finished, but parts of it are getting there.

There may be a sneak peek posted here soon, we’ll see. The blog is currently a little bit broken in a way that may not be fixable by me, so I have to do something about that first—doesn’t do me any good to post some huge thing here if nobody can read it, which is also what’s been holding back the Geography for Authors thing I was working on.

For those of you who only come here looking for fic: Yes, the new project is fanfiction. No, I’m not telling you what fandom yet, but I will tell you it’s a new one for me.

For those of you who are only here because I write books: Yes, I also write fanfiction. Lots of it! And all very good. There’s a list. Mind blown, right?

And for those one or two of you who just stuck your nose in the air because you realized I also write fanfiction: Get over yourself. No less an authorial personage than Diane Duane posted a link to her very own excellent Sherlock fanfic on Twitter just last month. Some of us write on both sides of the fence, deal with it.


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