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Cuddle Cafés

This week’s video on The Happy Page is adorable and might make you hungry, although those two things aren’t connected.

A couple of notes: While cat cafés and dog cafés here in the States are often attached to a pet rescue or shelter, these cafés in Seoul are (were? not sure they survived 2020) more like petting zoos. Also, Mikey is a well-known food and travel YouTuber and the raccoon café was expecting him, hence the reason the handler brought one of the raccoons over and basically dumped it on him even though the rules said not to let the raccoons climb on you.

Further note for the naïve and stupid: Do not try to interact with animals in the wild! The animals in this video were pretty obviously hand-raised by humans, and they were in a controlled environment with handlers nearby at all times. No matter how cute or even friendly a wild animal may look, you should stay away from it for both your sake and the animal’s.

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