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How Long Can It Grow?

This week on The Happy Page:  If you’ve ever wondered why your hair only seems to get so long—mine stops growing at just long enough to hit the seat of my chair—or why it grows at a certain rate, this week’s short video is for you. 

If you enjoy listening to Simon, he has 10 (maybe more) infotainment-type YouTube channels and a podcast.

  • Business Blaze, fun business facts from history and the present  (Simon is quite a bit sillier on Business Blaze than he is on the other channels, and videos tend to be on the long side)
  • Biographics, biographic profiles of the men and women who helped write the pages of human history
  • The Brain Food Show, a podcast similar to Today I Found Out
  • Geographics, discovering the world one place at a time
  • Highlight History
  • Megaprojects, humanity’s greatest achievements
  • Today I Found Out, brain food for hungry minds (short takes on odd or interesting facts)
  • TopTenz, one of the better countdown factoid shows
  • Sideprojects
  • VisualPolitik EN, politics, economics and things that are happening all around the world
  • xplrd 


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