Weird and Wonderful Yultide Fics

No, not Yuletide the season, Yuletide the annual rare- and obscure-fandom fic challenge on AO3! I wrote two new stories for Yuletide 2020: Snapshots, based on a Renault Clio commercial, and Little Red, fulfilling a request for a Little Red Riding Hood story from someone who made the mistake of saying they liked crossovers. 😉  I’ve also updated the Stories on AO3 page so that all of the Yuletide fics are marked and linked.

Just to clarify here for anyone who is new to GKG, I do not actually take part in the main fic-swap part of the Yuletide challenge. I am one of many, many pinch-hitters for Yuletide, meaning I’m one of the people who pick up unmatched requests so that the intended recipient won’t be left giftless when everyone else’s gift-stories are posted. 

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