Moving Stuff Around

Just an FYI, The Happy Page has been moved over to my author site—all of the site links and post links have (hopefully!) been changed, so you shouldn’t notice any difference when browsing posts. Not sure how mobile-friendly the new page is yet, I’m having some coding issues this week that are making things hard to evaluate, so let me know if it looks like garbage on a small screen!

Why am I moving pages between sites, you may ask? Because I wanted more flexibility customizing my pages and I’m getting sick of dealing with WordPress (and Jetpack), that’s why. WP is good and convenient for the blog part, but not so awesome anymore for the pages part.

Oh, and if you go over there and a warning thing pops up that says something about Flash: There is no Flash on my author site. I checked. In fact, I drove myself up a tree trying to figure out why the stupid warning wouldn’t go away, and it turned out that I needed to deactivate Flash in my browser. 🙁 

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