October 1st, 2020

Heh, you thought I forgot again, didn’t you? I can assure you, I did not—we’re just going to be doing evening updates this week because my schedule is really weird right now. Morning updates will resume next Monday.

Right now you’re probably saying, ”Where’s the video? Where’s Eddie?!”

Well, I have a surprise for you: Eddie is lounging around making fun of vampires on the brand-new Halloween Page on my author site. 🎃 No more hunting through the post archives trying to find that one creepy video or spooky playlist, now they’re all in one place—the daily Halloween video, the linked list of videos posted so far for the year, and the links to past years’ playlists too. And of course, if you use the HOME link on the Halloween Page, you can play with the TV. Which will also have the day’s video on Channel 7 if that’s the (anywhere but mobile) viewing experience you’d prefer. Keep an eye out when you’re changing the channels, though, because there have been some creepy things popping up on there lately. 👻

Yes, I know some of you won’t remember to check the Halloween Page every day to see the new video—got it covered. Just go to, put in where it says Enter website and then put your email address in the field at the bottom. You can select the frequency it checks at if you want to (default is once a day) and what content you want it to check (I suggest text). They’ll let you have up to 65 page checks a month for free, after that they want $$. Which is understandable. And no, I don’t have some kind of deal or anything going on with Visualping, I found them because I was looking for a legit, non-spammy service you guys could use until I can get RSS or something set up on my authorsite for you.

Now go visit Eddie, he’s all alone over there with the ghost and that freaky rabbit.




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