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In Honor of the Holiday

Apparently the U.S. hackers got jealous of all the attention I’ve been paying to Lviv/Kyiv and tried to get their name on here in time for the Fourth of July by hitting the site a little over 300 times. Congrats guys, you got mentioned! But only because everyone else apparently took the week off: Your closest runner-up was France with 4 halfhearted tries. 

The little SEMrush bot that shouldn’t has decided that it’s just going to keep banging its head against the firewall, to the tune of 6, 672 hits just since I blocked it on on June 10th. And they wonder why people block them for overcrawling, sheesh.

And just for funsies we had a mystery bot that tried to log in and then wandered away, looks like it belongs to someone in Montreal who also dabbles in spam, uses TOR, and can be blocked for their stupidity at hostname if you feel like it. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and, if you celebrate it, a fun Fourth of July!



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