In an Italian Restaurant

Another season of the fic-gifting extravaganza known as Yuletide has come and gone, which means we get to start off 2020 with new fic: The request was for a universe to be built off of Billy Joel’s 1977 song Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, one of the suggestions was for the year 2075, and after a lot of deliberation In an Italian Restaurant happened.

Bonus worthless fact: Christiano’s is the name of an actual restaurant which Billy Joel once said was the inspiration for the song, although some people believe this admission was just a random shout-out to the restaurant in question. Maybe he was just angling to get some extra grissini the next time he went in there, who knows?

On a side note, I somehow manage to forget how nerve-wracking participating in Yuletide is every single year. 🙁

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