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Most of you probably already know that I’m usually sitting on at least a few dozen WIPs at any given time – fanfiction and original – and every once in a while I’ll dust one of them off and do something with it. Usually but not always in response to a reader request. This time, it was the sequel to Harry Potter and the Well-Remembered Dream.

Yes, there was a sequel to that. It just had to percolate for a while before it was ready. 😉

The new story is called Harry Potter and the Scroll of Truth (hopefully nobody else has already used that title): Life at Hogwarts as Harry is now living it is vastly different from his dream experiences – but in a good way, and maybe not just for him. I just posted the first installment of this on AO3 today, and I’ll be posting new chapters at random intervals until it’s done. Enjoy!

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