And Then Things Got Dark

new_fic_postedBut they got better again, because I’m not usually mean to either my characters or my readers that way. At least, not for long.

Yes, I’m taking about Heart of a Hero. Which was just updated to 10 chapters, and the pre-existing Chapter 1 was updated as well because I realized quite by accident that I’d gotten a Marvel character confused with a DC character and had to fix it – much thanks to Screw Attack! for pointing that out. Too many superheroes, I’m telling you. Especially once you’re dealing with multiple versions of some of them.

A few notes for clarity’s sake: The ‘other’ Dr. Strange is at least visually the one from the upcoming movie, but his home universe isn’t exactly the one from Civil War – as in things went down pretty much the same way, but for a slightly different reason. It’s mentioned in the story, goes to the larger plot. We’re dealing with the Multiverse in this AU, so that’s going to happen a lot. Yes, some of those other universes are other Avengers AUs I personally have written. One of them is from a graphic novel I liked the artwork from. One is from a cartoon. And if you’re a regular reader of mine, you might catch a few very slight references that tie in to the Scientific Rescuing universe, too. Yes, there is a TON of foreshadowing throughout the story. And yes, New York Central Art Supply really is closing down after over 100 years in business thanks to NYC’s out of control hypergentrification: I have actually been there once, but the characters and ‘grand closing’ celebration mentioned in the story are entirely made up.

Link for those of you who want the ring: Tutorials abound, try this one. I personally wouldn’t use the pretty paper until you’ve practiced a bit, though.

Explanation for those of you who like that one character who’s revealed as bad and are now fuming: She’s an AU version and she’s nuts, okay? Completely fucking insane. I think he just went along with it because he loves her and feels like he should be there to protect her, honestly.

Explanation for those of you wondering how long you’ll have to wait for the rest of it: I’m just tidying up the final two chapters and the story that comes after, and working on the story that comes after that story. The two and one shouldn’t take too long, the other story might because this plotline is really complicated now and I have to make sure I don’t mess it up.

Response to those of you who want spoilers: Bwahahahaha. Nope!

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