On the 20th Day of NaNo

NaNo 2015 Winner!

Validated 20Nov15 @ 60,766 words

I usually wait until the 30th day to validate, but that’s because I usually don’t have 50,000 words to validate with until the 30th day. I will still be adding to the story every day for the rest of the month, though, because I want my badge for updating my word count 30 days in a row. Because I am easily motivated to compete by the availability of unlockable achievements. 😀

In novel news, the Sasquatch thing finally got resolved, we learned that Dave doesn’t usually get to go on these little jaunts with Danny because his girlfriend doesn’t want him to, and someone found a dead selkie on the beach in San Francisco.

In other novel news, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this book – which I’ll probably release as a serial – will need to be illustrated. I’ve been sort of casually looking around on Fiverr, but if any of you have any suggestions for possible artists feel free to share them with me in the comments.

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