About Me

Well, just to start things off, I’m an author. I’ve written a few books as L.S. Christopher, which is my author name – you know, like Mark Twain except not Mark Twain. I have a new book coming out this year, yay!

I also write fanfiction, because I enjoy writing fanfiction. Most of what I write are crossovers and/or AUs. No matter how simple I intend a story to be, it usually turns into a raving wild jackelope and craps all over canon.

I’m female, goth and have a bunch of cats, hence the social media handle. No, all goths aren’t emo. I’m the most enthusiastic person I know, and everyone except my wife thinks it’s annoying.

Hmm, what else?  I make graphics, I do crafts, I sew. I’ve been playing around with embroidery and stick-weaving, but I can’t get farther than a chain in crochet even though I’d really like to. I collect books, and I like to research things. I squeal and cheer on the creatures in creature features, specially if said creature is crocodilian-based. Mosasaurus is my favorite dinosaur. And I’m a former monster kid who loves Halloween. 

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