I’m Late…

I meant to have this up over the weekend, but stuff happens. So very much stuff has happened.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that a new theme happened. Still tweaking it, so if you see something that looks broken or weird…I’m getting to it. A new About Me page also happened, and an updated Happy Page…which we’re going to do a little bit differently this year, more about that later. But not too much later. 😉

Absolutely no new stories have happened, because I’ve been busy final-editing my book. Which is getting published this year or not at all – if it’s the former, it will be out in July 2020. If it’s the former and we’re very lucky, there will be book-related swag. Working on it!

The Superbowl happened, and it was good. I participate in this mostly because food and commercials, but this year we did end up watching most of the game and we did enjoy it. And a lot of the commercials were good, so there is a playlist of them linked on The Happy Page in lieu of a single featured video. (Yes, that means it’s later now. Or now it’s later…you know, just go watch Bill Murray and the groundhog.)

Oh, and a new rescue kitten has also happened! His name is Puff, and tomorrow morning he is making his first trip to the vet. RIP Puff’s balls, but I doubt he’ll miss them going forward so don’t feel too sorry for him. He is extremely adorable and a total food hog.

photo of Puff the Magic Badger, a kitten

Puff the Magic Badger

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