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Downtime and Storytime

Yes, the site was down again! And it briefly lost its connection to Google Analytics, too – unrelated incidents. The site briefly went down several times because of a theme error. My current hosting provider (for this site only) is not playing nicely with my shiny new theme, but the issue is fixed for now and will be fixed faster going forward – yes, I’m sure it’s going to happen again. I am considering changing hosts, but I need to make sure it’s financially feasible first. You know that thing where there aren’t any ads on here? That means the site is kind of a money hole and I don’t want it to get any deeper.

The analytics incident will be related in storytime mode:

There once was a nice little plugin that oh so many people used to attach Google’s analytics tracking functions to their WordPress sites. It was a sweet, free little plugin that rarely needed an update, and the one thing it did it did very, very well so everybody trusted it. But then one day a Company came along with its pockets full of gold. The Company threw gold at the plugin and said, “If you come with us, you can be with other plugins like yourself. And we have gold! You’ll be so well taken care of, little plugin. Come, join us!” And the little plugin was enchanted by the shiny, shiny gold and happily went with the Company…which was when the Company disembowled the little plugin in a most unkind way, taking away everything that had made it so good and adding a sucking hole meant to catch gold instead. But the Company had left the outer skin of the little plugin intact, you see, so that when an update was announced none of the people would know the little plugin had become a gold-sucking zombie. And the people all allowed the little plugin to update, thinking nothing of it until the process was finished and the sucking hole opened and demanded gold in a strange, unfamiliar voice. And since people who have websites don’t like it when things like this happen, they went out and told all the world what had become of the little plugin and warned them not to throw gold into the sucking hole. And the Company was angry, but nobody cared about that. The End. 

Epilogue: After some fun and games with php, which I suck at, I decided to just use a different plugin to attach my site to Google Analytics. No hard feelings to the original plugin developer, because aside from being really shiny gold is also useful for things like paying your mortgage and buying food. The Company, however, is on my shit list for going about their business in such an underhanded way – seriously, when the update installed and the new screen popped open, at first I thought something had been hacked and I was looking at malware.

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