Happy Page Update #19-50

This week on The Happy Page: It’s Rewind time! All four of them. 😉

2019 has been…okay, in a lot of ways this year has been kind of shit. Not a good note to end a year on, much less a decade! But we can do better. I KNOW we can do better.

The site may have a little bit of a hiatus for the next couple of weeks because I need to fix some things, and I may be trying out new formats, new types of content – you get the idea. More about that in 2020, though. Here’s wishing you all the very happiest of New Years, and wishing us all a better, brighter decade to come.

The Happy Page is updated every week with a video that is cute or yummy or funny or inspiring or something.
Content is always relatively cheery, but not guaranteed to be safe for work – slack at your own risk!

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