Happy Page Update #19-20

This week on The Happy Page: After an…incident at our house involving someone shucking fresh corn in the store before bringing it home, I realized that not everyone knows you shouldn’t do that. The fact that the store encourages this behavior by putting a trash can next to the corn bin made me decide some proper corn cooking instruction was needed.

That, and all of the Memorial Day videos I found this year were hella depressing, leading me to believe you guys were probably seeing enough of that on your own. So, we have tasty corn instead. And a very unique buttering method I’d never seen before but which apparently works really well!

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  • Avatar

    I have to say, the grocery store isn’t really encouraging you to shuck them there, they’re just trying to keep customers from leaving a mess. If they didn’t have a trash can there some folks would shuck it anyway and leave the husks on top of the other corn (or other veggies) and it would end up on the floor. Seriously, 17 years working in a grocery store, I can’t make this stuff up. Great way to grill corn though.

    27 May 2019 at 12:19 pm Reply
    • Goth Kitty Lady
      Goth Kitty Lady

      That does make sense – even with the trash can there, I still saw husks and silk in the corn bin. Going around the bin to get to the trash can must have been too far to walk. 😉

      27 May 2019 at 9:41 pm Reply

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