Old Is New Again

Those of you who follow me here have probably already read Winds of Change, but today it is newly-posted on AO3! Not without some trepidation* on my part, and actually a day ahead of schedule because the url importer – which you’ll all kindly remind me NOT to use to transfer fic from the blog again! – posted half of them automatically for some reason and I had to scramble like mad to edit all the links and code out and get the first few chapters posted so the whole thing would actually be up and in order and part of the series.

For those of you wondering what I’ve been doing all this time, it’s a long story. A huge freelance project I’ve been on since 2017 just wrapped up, as in it wrapped up (fingers crossed!) yesterday. I’m still working on edits and additions to A World Full of Monsters so it can be published as a book, something I want to get done before I go to GenCon in August. I’m taking some online classes, too, and working on a new project that you guys will definitely be hearing about in the future. Everyone in the house has had at least one not-flu virus. Our daughter is moving in with us in two weeks, and one of her cats just had five kittens. Oh, and last month we lost our Maine Coon, Remy**, to a very fast-growing type of cancer. All in all, I’m having one hell of a packed-full 2019 and it’s not even April yet.

I have been working on writing whenever I can, and I have plans for new stories and for continuations of existing stories, it’s all just been moving very, very slowly. Thanks to all of you who are still checking in regularly for your patience, hopefully it will start being rewarded more often soon!

* I encountered a little bit of…pushback after starting to post In the Land of Ever After on AO3, and very narrowly avoided getting into trouble with AO3 over it – I have to use a special tag now to indicate that my type of stories are not what the majority of the fandom wants to see.

** I can’t embed Remy’s picture in this post because Twitter is back on its nasty habit of picking up the first embedded image to display with the post link instead of the displaying the correctly-sized social media card it’s supposed to be using. Working on it, but still haven’t found a fix. 🙁

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