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Hackers of the Week 28Jan–4Feb 2019

I don’t get a whole lot of traffic on my site compared to, say, a mommy-blogger or Chef John or someone who’s very active on Pinterest. But over the past 7 days GKG has still been attacked almost 500 times by wannabe hackers.

I say ‘wannabe’ because they weren’t successful, because yay for site security, but still. Almost 500 attacks, most of which were brute force attacks – that’s when some idiot hacker-type uses software to trial-and-error multiple username and password combinations in hopes of getting lucky. It’s one of the most common ways to try to gain access to a website because it’s one of the easiest, the software does all the work. You may have also heard this called a ‘dictionary attack’.

Anyway, I’ve been getting enough of these attacks that Google thought my site was spamming me due to all the blocked-attempt notifications. And that got me to thinking that maybe instead of just randomly mocking the idiot hackers, I should also be sharing their IP info so that other people can preemptively block them. Reverse hack attack! So here is the list for the past week, with a few extras from the past 30 days thrown in for good measure.*

Hackers To Block

IP Address
of Idiot Hacker
of Origin
Made Malaysia 367 Portugal 366 Romania 363 Poland 361 Serbia 258 Serbia 98

Most Common Username Guesses

  • gothkittygazette_admin
  • admingothkittygazette
  • gothkittygazettenet
  • gothkittygazetteadmin

Weirdest Username Guesses

  • lisaallchristiancruises-com
  • dexter
  • prueba
  • magico
  • schatzi
  • garak
  • 0x1999
  • roottn
  • teste

* No, this would only be doxing if I looked up the IPs and then shared the registered physical addresses – which are probably either fake, stolen, or for a private-IP registration company.

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