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Hackers of the Week 17–24Feb 2019

This week Australia surprisingly took the lead, because apparently Aussie hackers couldn’t give two fucks about awards season – everyone else was in the single-digits, I imagine due to being otherwise occupied planning lavish Oscar parties and placing bets on who the best- and worst-dressed on the red carpet would be.

Special shout-out to the Republic of Moldova, which I didn’t know anything about until I saw them waaay down in the weekly list. They’re a tiny little country between Ukraine and Romania which became independent in 1991, and apparently their vineyards produce some very nice red wines.

Hackers To Block

IP Address
of Idiot Hacker
of Origin
Made Australia 363 France 5 Ukraine 2 Germany 1 France 1 Serbia 1 Republic of Moldova 1

Most Common Username Guesses

  • gothkittygazette_admin
  • gothkittygazettenet
  • admingothkittygazette
  • gothkittygazetteadmin

Weirdest Username Guesses

No creativity in evidence this month at all. Maybe they used it all up making glitzy decorations and fancy hors d’oeuvres.

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