Yay, Stories!

Couldn’t share them before today because they were still in Yuletide’s Anonymous mode, but Ready (based off of Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It?” video) and Once A Hero (based off of the song “Dusty California”) are now visible under my AO3 name for your reading pleasure!

What Is Yuletide?

From their AO3 page: “Yuletide is an annual fic exchange for rare and obscure fandoms run through the Archive of Our Own. Participants sign up to write a story of at least 1,000 words in a fandom someone else has requested, using the selected characters from that fandom. In return, they receive a story of at least 1,000 words in a fandom they have requested, featuring requested characters.”

So You Participate In Yuletide?

Not exactly. I’m a Yuletide pinch hitter.

What’s a Pinch Hitter?

When someone who’s signed up for Yuletide can’t fulfill their story assignment, or if a request just doesn’t get matched to anyone, those requests get sent out to everyone on the pinch hitters’ mailing list and the pinch hitters take on whatever assignments they can. This year we had 282 pinch hits go out, and they were ALL picked up! It’s fun because it’s a challenge and you get to play with obscure fandoms, but it can also be nerve-wracking because you’re writing a story for a stranger right in the middle of the holiday season and just crossing your fingers that they’ll like it.

Can I Be a Pinch-Hitter?

Anyone with an AO3 account can be a pinch hitter. Come on in (slaps piranha out of the way, spears a barracuda), the water’s fine!

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