Happy Page Update #18-48

This week on The Happy Page: If you’re anything like me, you have that one person in your circle who’s just really good at wrapping gifts.  Theirs always look perfect, yours…not so much. So this year, it’s time to up our game. Perfectly-sized paper + a single piece of tape = one perfectly wrapped box.

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If you want something a little more showy – or if your gift isn’t a box – here’s a pre-holiday bonus video that shows what looks like almost every type of quick wrap-job anyone has ever thought of doing.

Two brief comments on this one: People who glue candy directly to a champagne bottle obviously don’t know how champagne works – glue candy to one of the bottle-sleeve wraps instead so it can be removed while the bottle chills. And although the note-in-an-eggshell thing is kind of cool, making blown eggs is messier and more time-consuming than they’re making it look. They also skipped some important steps, so if you want to try this find some good, complete instructions to guide you through the process.

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