Happy Page Update #18-42

This week on The Happy Page: Running short on autumn decorations? Or maybe you need a last-minute ornament for a package or gift basket? Well if you have 15 minutes (give or take) and a bare minimum of craftiness, you can make something seasonally appropriate.

A couple of notes here for those who don’t sew: The best way to get regular, even stitches by hand is to use a ruler. Put the ruler on the wrong side (the dull-looking side) of the fabric and make a mark every eighth of an inch or so, then sew down through one mark and up through the next. For gathers do the same thing but space your marks farther apart – the bigger the distance the less ‘gather’ you’re going to get, so you might want to practice on a scrap to see how best to get the look you want. For a fancier pumpkin you can use jute cord or even ribbon to delineate the sections instead of embroidery floss. And if you don’t like the way the wad of crinkled paper looks at the top, cut a piece of felt in an appropriate stem-bottom shape and large enough to cover the hole, then cut a slit in the center just big enough for your stick ‘stem’ to fit through. Glue (or sew, if you prefer) the felt to the top, then insert the stick through the slit. Glue the stick in place, and maybe add a little bit of crinkled paper, a cloth or felt leaf or two, or just make a bigger bow to hide the glue.

I had made one of these to show you, but my cats ‘hunted’ it right out of the sewing room before I could get a picture. 🙁

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