Today’s Hacker News

First off, a big hello (xin chào!) to our newest attempted hackers from Vietnam! They were trying to log in to the site using magic words. And of course, they were unsuccessful.

One of them seemed like a very specific magic hacking word, so I did a little research to find out why someone would try to log in with indoxploit. And that’s when I found out that our new Vietnamese hacker friends are actually just scavengers out looking for previously-compromised systems, sort of like if Ali Baba had just been out wandering around shouting Open Sesame! at every rock hoping one of them would turn out to be a magic door: IndoXploit is a very specific suite of tools that has to have already been uploaded into the target system before someone can exploit it (source: Alert Logic). And it’s one of those nifty little things hackers can use to vandalize sites, not just take them over. Very naughty. Shame on you, Vietnamese hackers.

Also, while we’re here, shoutout to this past week’s other attempted hackers from the Russian Federation, Panama, and Turkey. Привет! Hola! Merhaba!

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