Happy Page Update #18-6

This week on The Happy Page: You have 4 days left to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Date night at home with a nice dinner was your plan because the weather is cold and nasty, but you don’t know if you’ll be able to stop to get roses for the table. Got you covered. 😉

If you were planning a romantic hot tub encounter or a candlelit bath for one you can also do this with a towel, the only difference is how you start it off. Fold the towel diagonally lengthwise from opposite corners (the top corners won’t be lined up), then proceed the same way they do in the video. It’s possible with a washcloth too, but because the square washcloth is too bulky to roll up the way you would a square napkin, you’re going to have to fold the washcloth in half diagonally but crooked, so the top points are not lined up (it should look the way the towel looked).


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