Happy Page Update #17-53

This week on The Happy PageNew Year’s Kitties!!! Singing, no less. Something cute and happy to polish off the year with, and to remind all of you that no matter how bad things seem…there will always be a little bit of happy somewhere if you only go looking for it.

Happy New Year, everyone, and may 2018 be brighter for all of us.

As a bonus bit of happy, here are the two new kitties that came to live at our house recently. This is Sammy. Someone found Sammy on the highway and brought him to a nice lady in our neighborhood who fosters kitties until they can find forever homes, and we adopted him from her. Sammy is around 7 months old and he is the sweetest, purringest, most playful and affectionate little guy you can imagine.

Sammy, December 2017, 7 months old

And this is Peyton. Peyton’s family couldn’t keep him anymore, so he came to live with us right before Christmas. Peyton is almost 8 years old and very vocal, loves to cuddle, and is starting to make sense of this ‘play’ thing Sammy keeps trying to get him to join in on. He has also discovered the joys of climbing the cat tree.

Peyton, December 2017, 8 years old

Happy New Year!



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