July Camp NaNo Coming Soon!

I’ve been getting ready for July’s Camp NaNo session and needed a book cover for my project, so here it is – the working version cover, I keep finding things I need to tweak. Fairy-Tale Magic will be my second attempt at writing and completing an urban fantasy story for publication. The first one was Honk.

working cover for Fairy-Tale Magic - in progress this July!

There are some little surprises hiding in the cover image that can only be seen if you view it at full size, which you can do by clicking on the image. And if you’re following me on social media (FB, Twitter, G+), then you also got to see the promo mockup on your way here. 😉 The mockup template came from Covervault, by the way, which is an awesome place to find good mockup templates for books, ebooks, and book series.

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