A Day in the Life

Did you ever wonder what the goings-on in Perfection look like from Twitchell’s perspective? If the answer was yes, then today you’re in luck! A Day in the Life is the next chapter in Tremors: The Subtext, and it’s all Twitchell all the time.

On a related note, sometimes people ask me why it takes so long for me to update some of these ongoing stories. In the case of Tremors: The Subtext, the answer is pretty simple: I’m running out of stories to tell in the AU, but I don’t want to just end it with no resolution. So I’m trying to keep the series going until I can figure out how to cap it off somehow…but at the same time, I’m running out of stories for it. It’s a catch-22. 🙁 I’ll keep trying, something will come to me. Eventually.


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