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Yes, In the Land of Ever After is officially finished both here and on AO3, and now I’m working on finishing up Heart of a Hero – Chapter 11 just posted! Oh, and with any luck we’ll see the first chapter of A World Full of Monsters posting this Friday, because you all seem to have liked the serial posting thing and I discovered that I like it too. 😉

In other news, things may be about to get weird around here because we’re waiting to see if my wife’s new job means we’re moving. I’m also in the middle of taking an online class, we have company coming in less than two weeks, we have a multi-cat annual vet visit happening at that same time, and Valentine’s Day will also be happening right around then too – luckily I’ve got that last one covered, the rest of them not so much. But somewhere in there I will make time for stories and cat pictures and maybe another video if we’re really lucky and the cats are cooperative…

You want what?

…you know, let’s just stick with ‘if we’re really lucky’.


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