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Experimenting With Serial Fiction

Okay, we have a new theme, new and improved site graphics, and some new plugins to play with. One of which is called Mooberry Story, which is supposed to be for organizing posted stories into one big unit, with chapters and a TOC and everything. And at first I was thinking, I am not going to use this, I post everything to AO3.

And then I thought: Nothing says I have to post everything to AO3 first, you know? I can try this posting in serial format thing with In the Land of Ever After while I’m still tweaking a few little details, and then when it’s all posted and perfect I can move the whole kit and kaboodle over to the big archive for posterity.

Hmm, ‘posterity’? I must have gone on an ego trip today without realizing it, sorry.

Anyway, I’m going to be playing with my new plugin, which means I’m going to be posting approximately one chapter a week of this massive fairy tale crossover AU I’ve been working on since last year. For those of you who aren’t sure if it’s fanfiction or not: Fairy tales are public domain stories, yes, but this magnum opus counts as fanfiction because not only did I get the initial idea from two Cracked videos about the aftermath of Disney princess movies, but most of the characters should also be recognizable to you as being loosely based on the Disney versions rather than their public domain Grimm/Anderson/Perrault forebears. With great amounts of license taken, of course, because as most of you well know I only abide by canon when it suits me. Or suits the plot jackalope, same difference.

Oh, two videos, right: Why Disney Marriages Never Work (Beauty and the Beast parody) and The Terrifying Aftermath of Disney’s Frozen

(it’s still amazing to me how much the Princess Maker picture of John Kepperson came out looking like the actor in that second video.)

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